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Field Marshal

General Duties

The Field Marshal is responsible for the oversight of all field operations on game day. To report game day rule violations, please send an email to the TCYFL Director of Rules/Oversite.

  • Supervise proper field set-up.
  • Monitor game clock and scoreboard operations.
  • Direct teams on where to warm up.
  • Assist referees, as requested, in the event of field or rule disputes.
  • Monitor player, coach, and spectator activities to ensure all adhere to the governing school district field use policies.


The Field Marshal shall have the following items on hand at each game:

  • TCYFL rules.
  • List of contacts and emergency numbers for the VP of Referees, the VP of Gameday Operations, and facility site managers.
  • The Field Marshal badge.
  • Team rosters with weights and jersey numbers.
  • Incident report forms.
  • Score reporting forms.

Pre-Game Duties

  • Site should be close to the field, protected from rain, outside of end zones, or on the track. Site should not be in the scorer's booth.
  • Should be able to see the playing field and the whole facility,
    scoreboard, and clock.
  • Prior to each game, ensure someone is assigned to run the scoreboard and clock.
  • Check for proper operation or scoreboard and clock.
  • Ensure the person(s) running the scoreboard and clock know how to operate them and understand the official clock management rules.
  • Inspect the field for play.
  • All necessary equipment accounted for, down box marker, 10-yard chain-set, goal post padding, goal markers, sideline yard markers, benches, and water if available.
  • All nonessential equipment is moved to a safe distance away from the playing field.
  • Greet each team and referees
  • Remind them of TCYFL-specific rules regarding time-outs per half (2), the Mercy Rule (running clock if ahead by 21 points in the second half), and the overtime procedure (Kansas City Tie-Breaker from the 10-yard line; maximum of 3 rounds).

During the Game

  • The referees usually are not educated about TCYFL-specific rules including weight limits, time outs, etc.
  • Any football-related judgment call by the referees is final.
  • Different fields have different viewing areas.
  • Spectators and any non-badged individual must stay off of the field, sidelines, and surrounding track at all times.
  • There is no smoking at any TCYFL event and it is illegal on school property.
  • All non-service pets are prohibited.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed on any field.
  • Video and photography on the field.
  • Field lights operation.

After the Game

  • The following must be reported to the TCYFL Website
    • E-mail the report Saturday night or Sunday.
    • Return the Field Marshal Kit and badge.
    • Do not remove anything from the Field Marshal Kit.
  • The Field Marshal of the last game is responsible for:
    • ​Reporting all scores recorded for that day at that facility.
    • Contacting the VP of Gameday Operations to return the Field Marshal Kit.

Game Day Responsibilities

The home team is responsible for providing a field marshal for the game following their own. If you are the first team to play on the field, you need to provide the field marshal for your game AND the game following your own. Please be sure to wear the orange vest so that you are easily spotted on the field.

The visiting team is responsible for staffing the chain responsibilities. This will require three people who all must be over the age of 18.  Children under the age of 18 cannot be on the field unless they are a participant for insurance reasons. The visiting team is also responsible for providing a time keeper for the game following their own. The time keeper needs to go right to the booth after their game so the start of the next game is not delayed. They will have to miss any team huddle.

The head coach is responsible for making sure these positions are filled. If the responsibilities are not fulfilled, the head coach is held accountable and is given a "strike" in the league and suspended for the next week's game. A coach is allowed three "strikes" and then they are no longer allowed to coach with the TCFYL.